Welcome to the Ultimate Fitness Athlete.


Welcome to the Ultimate Fitness Athlete. Our Mission is to provide a platform for the NATURAL athlete to compete against their peers and ultimately themselves in a performance based competition.

The UFA will uncover, seek out, create, and provide, the Ultimate Fitness Challenges and RANK the top 1 million Fitness and Strength Athletes in the World.

Every sport begins with the same fundamentals of strength, agility, fitness, speed, stamina and flexibility add mental toughness of varying degrees and you have the ATHLETE ready to COMPETE.

UFA founders are devoted to the athletes that it serves, especially since we are competitors ourselves. We have created a format where ANYONE can come out and test their skills against elite athletes or just your friends from the gym where you train for FUN. The UFA has it all. Become part of the fast growing UFA Community.

The UFA invites all those natural competitors, and those that will be forged into competitors, to find out where they stand against the your friends, rivals, and the World.