Benefits for Ambassadors

  1. Ambassadors receive 50% discount for all competitions they enter.
  2. Ambassadors that enter with a Team receive 25% discount for TEAM registration.
  3. Ambassadors receive (2) Free Tickets to all competitions.
  4. Ambassadors receive $50 for every (10) recruits they become Ambassadors for the UFA.
  5. Ambassadors that have a business receive discounted rate for Vendor Booths and Sponsorship Packages.
  6. Once you are approved as an Ambassador you will receive an individual promo/commission code to be used.
  7. Ambassadors receive scheduled commissions for every transaction with their promo/commission code used:
    1. Ticket Sales
    2. Vendor Sales
    3. Athlete Registrations
    4. Sponsor Sales
  1. For those that are judging and competing, we ask that you judge first then compete.
  2. Ambassadors promote the UFA in multiple ways:
    1. Use your network through various Gyms to promote the UFA.
    2. Ask The Facility to put up (3) 8.5X11 Flyers and keep 3X5 cards at the front desk for people to take for more information about the upcoming competitions.
    3. We know facilities can have the “what’s in it for me attitude” and so have several incentives for the facilities.
    4. Any facilities that agrees to sell tickets to the UFA competition will receive $5 per ticket sold. Tickets will be $12 for each ticket sold by the facility. They keep $5 and remit $7 to the UFA. They will be given numbered tickets; for example Gym A receives tickets 1-20. They are responsible for the tickets. They sell 1-10 tickets, they get $50, they remit $70 and 10 tickets are returned. PLEASE STRESS TO ALL FACILITIES THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN TICKETS. ANY LOST OR STOLEN TICKETS WILL BE FLAGGED AND NOT HONORED UPON PRESENTING THEM AT THE TICKET GATE.
    5. When anyone registers from the facility, that facility is now eligible to be named a Competition Sponsor and their logo and active link will be placed on the UFA website.
    6. When anyone registers for any competition using your promo code (which you will place on all the flyers and cards given to the facility) they will receive a $10 discount.
    7. When anyone registers using your promo code from any facility you receive a commission.
    8. Once a facility is named a Competition Sponsor they can submit videos promoting their facility and the athlete(s) that train there. The UFA will post them through our social media platforms.
  3. Ambassadors are required to “Like” the UFA FB page and sign up for notifications. Then simply share (3) post per week through your social media platforms.