Do I have to do all the challenges in the Fitathlon or Strengthathlon?

No. The UFA does not frown on fun. Sometimes friends challenge each other and they may not want to do all the challenges for whatever reason. Of course your overall score is affected but you may bypass any challenges you want or need to.

Are there awards, if so what categories receive them?

Absolutely. We will be awarding the Top 3 in all categories. There will be a mixture of trophies and medals depending on the competition entered.

How do I train for the Fithathlon or Strengthathlon?

Not to worry, we have a complementary guide on how to prepare for the two premier events of the Fitathlon and Strengthatlon. In addition we have a list of trainers and facilities that can help you train for this awesome physical challenge.

Are there spectators, if so where can I buy tickets?

The UFA is family friendly event. Bring everyone kids and teenagers pay less to come and route for their favorite athletes. We have a “Halftime” Zumba Charity Class at ever event and anyone in the stadium can join in the Fun. We have Food Trucks, Music and our Announcers always involve the Crowd. You can purchase tickets here:

(will supply link later)

How will I know what time I compete?

The times for each division will be posted the morning of the competition and athletes will be given 30 minutes to warm up. This will be posted after the athlete meeting.

Can I bring my Gym Bag?

There will be a secure Bag Check Area for athletes, while we are not responsible for lost or stolen articles, only athletes are allowed in the secured area. No spectators are allowed in the competition area.

Can I contact the UFA management with any questions?

Of course. Contact us at info@ufausa.com

Is my registration, entry fee transferrable?

Yes. If you for some reason cannot compete as scheduled you can transfer your registration to another competition or you can transfer to someone else. We understand sometimes things happen.

What is the refund policy?

Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds for any registrations.