General Rules of the UFA

Equipment: All weight equipment ( Benches, Barbells, Weight Vest, Weights, Mats,  etc.) will be provided by the UFA. Warm up time will be notified to all divisions at the athlete meeting. The Facilitator will call each group for warm up and then start time.

Optional Equipment: Lifting Belts, Sunglasses, Wrist Wraps, Knee Wraps, Gloves, Chalk, and knee selves.

Equipment NOT ALLOWED: Bench Shirts, Slingshot Shirts, Deadlift Suits, Elbow Wraps, and Headphones.

Personal Attire/Uniforms: Form Fitting Shorts, and/or leggings, spandex shorts or leggings, yoga pants, shorts of all types, tank tops, singlets, technical performance infrared apparel, sports bras, and T-shirts. No profanity on any apparel will be permitted.

Athlete Monitors: Each group will have athlete monitors follow them through the competition. They will correct the form of the athletes competing. Athlete Monitors will always warn the athletes of form mistakes before deducting any points. The UFA will not tolerate any disrespect toward the Athlete Monitors or Judges that are there to ensure that the form dictated by the UFA is enforced.

Along with Athlete Monitors judges are also present and judges have the power to warn the athlete with a yellow flag and disqualify the athlete with a red flag. Once disqualified the athlete must leave the competition area and not return for the rest of the competition.

Footwear: For the track events the athlete will wear the same shoes throughout the competition. Athletes are NOT permitted to wear track & field sprinting spikes or cleats.