Welcome to RaffleTown. The Purpose of RaffleTown is simple. We raffle off products and services from our Sponsors and Various Partners for the benefit of everyone and anyone who plays. The RaffleTown System is like NO OTHER RAFFLE you have entered!!

RaffleTown is a win for the entity providing the goods/services, it is a win for the lucky person(s) that win and it is a win for the UFA. Everyone Wins!

When you view an item up for raffle on our RaffleTown platform you are told exactly how many tickets will be sold for the raffle. This is tipped in favor of the people entering the raffle to win, win, win baby!

For example if an item is being raffled for $100 well we will only sell (10) $10 tickets for this item, that’s it. One ticket gets you a 1/10 chance of winning, by (7) tickets and you have a 70% chance of winning. If you know the goods being sold cost $100 and you think $70 is a great deal for that item, well buy (7) tickets and claim your 70% chance of winning.

Get your friends involved on your team, if there is a Supplement Stack being sold for $300. RaffleTown issues (30) $10 tickets then you and your friends buy 70% of the tickets or (20) then no one loses!

Well you get the idea. Good Luck.

“Come on down to RaffleTown, RaffleTown, RaffleTown, Come on down to RaffleTown when you feel lucky!”