UFA Sponsors

Become a Ultimate Fitness Athlete Sponsor 

The UFA offers participating brands the opportunity to support the new genre Fitathlon and Strengthathlon, reinforce their brand image with a loyal audience of active, educated, affluent achievers, and enhance image awareness for services or products and increase sales. Our Sponsors will receive customized, integrated marketing and sampling programs focused on brand objectives.

Showcase your unique products and services at the most comprehensive Fitness Competition that encompasses the entire Fitness Industry. The UFA being unique is approaching Sponsorship completely different than what you might be used to or expect.

The UFA has several events throughout the State of Florida for 2019 and each “Competition Day” the event brings hundreds of both spectators and Strength and Fitness Athletes together to test their mettle against each other and themselves. In addition with our “Halftime” Zumba Class we engage the entire stadium to join in the diversity that the Fitness Industry has to offer.

After one competition is finished we still promote our sponsors throughout the year through various social medial platforms, in addition we invite our sponsors to come on our YouTube Broadcast to further reach the 1,000’s you are looking to engage for your product or service.

There are  23 positions for Sponsors which include all the challenges in the Fitathlon and Strengtathlon, the “Halftime” Show, and Awards.

Pick a challenge from the Fitathlon ™ or Strengthathlon ™ and that will be the challenge you are Sponsoring. Your company image you provide will be displayed at that challenge. For example the Bench Press sponsored by “Muscle Up Marketing” The logo will be on the Benches used in the Bench Press, there will be signage at that challenge with the logo of the company.

Take a look at all the challenges of the Fitathlon, Strengthathlon or choose to be the Halftime or Award Sponsor.

Sponsors can add on having their logo displayed around the competition area and displayed in the programs handed out to hundreds of spectators each competition.

The Title Sponsor position has the most visibility and the highest presence for the UFA events as they should. The Title Sponsor will have exclusivity of their genre. The Title Sponsor is prominently displayed all the time and is automatically given the “Halftime” and the Award positions respectively.

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