Challenges have a 3 minute time limit and 3 minute recovery period, unless specified.

  1. Bench Press. Requirements: Males lift their Bodyweight.  Females lift 60% of their Bodyweight.
  2. Alternating Leg Abdominals/V-ups 3 minutes, for reps. Athlete chooses weight  Ankle Weights 2.5lb, 5lb. or 10lb. to wear and chooses weighted barbell to hold: 10lbs. 20, 25, 30 etc.

 Superset with Advanced Plank 30 seconds after completion hold for as long as they can or up to max time limit of 6 minutes.

  1. Pull Ups. Males use Overhand Grip. Dead Hang Form, no swinging or bent legs allowed. Females use Under Hand Grip.
  2. Squats with Weighted Vest.

Requirements: Males wear 150lb. Vest, Females wear 75lb. Vest.

Athlete Squat Depth will be determined by the Judges which will be below 90 degrees. The Squat Box will be placed at that Depth of the athletes individual leg length. The Squat Box records the reps so there is no human subjectivity.

  1. Standing Shoulder Press. Athlete chooses weight to use: 10lbs., 30, 50… Four count form(start with weight at waist lift under the chin, overhead, back under chin, back to waist).
  2. Crucifix: Athlete holds dumbbells parallel to shoulder height for time. As long as they can up to 3 minutes. Athlete chooses the weight.
  3. Ham/Low Back Challenge: Using 90 degree hyperextension machine, athlete wears weighted vest. Requirements. Males wear 25lb Vest, Females 15lb Vest
  4.  “Refuel Break, Halftime”  10 minutes (At 10:01 the next challenge begins)
  5. Deadlift Requirements: Males lift 100lb. over Bodyweight. Females lift 30lbs. over bodyweight.
  6. Push Ups for reps. Athlete must lock out each rep. Push Up box counts the reps.
  7. Flexibility Challenge: Series of stretches scored accordingly.
  8. Standing Strict Bicep Curl. Males use 40% of bodyweight. Females use 30%.
  9. 20X20:Lunge Walk Superset with Stiff Legged Deadlift Athlete chooses weight. Athlete starts with Lunge Walk for 20 yds. Then must do 20 reps of stiff legged Deadlift then continue same way for as many rotations as athlete can do.
  10. Plank Crawl using Push Up Handles: As far as athlete can go for 3 minutes: 10, 30, 50 yds. etc.
  11. Dips