UFA Ambassadors

What is an UFA Ambassador?

The Role of an Ambassador is crucial to the ongoing success of the UFA and is pivotal to spreadingthe message of the UFA within your local communities.

As a UFA Ambassador you’ll be a part of the growth of this new sport for the 21st Century. Ambassadors are people like you, who know how to get things done, they have contacts locally where the UFA competition may be coming to andcan assist us in navigating the local lay of the land.

UFA Ambassadors will help in our quest to involve the entire Health and Fitness Industry by adding to our growing network of Gyms, Fitness Centers, Personal Training Studios, Boutique facilities, Businesses, Health Care Professionals, and Services that the UFA is recruiting for the UFA Network.

Our Ambassadors want to be a part of the movement to make the UFA a Global Competition and ensure the UFA takes its place as one of the fastest growing sports in the World.

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Being a UFA Ambassador or more means you like the UFA and want to help us grow. You are making a commitment to being part of a Team. You are bringing a positive attitude to the team and will contribute ideas and awareness to your area about the UFA.

If you would like to join our team, we would love to have you;

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