The UFA knows this one thing; without our Volunteers the events could not run as smoothly as they do. This is a fact. Volunteers are essential to the production every time we go out to provide excellent level of execution of the competition and the event overall, well then look no further than the Volunteers that have had a HUGE hand in that effort.

The UFA Volunteers are special as many of them have competed themselves and some were influenced to compete after volunteering at one of the UFA competitions. That is the magic of Volunteering that is provides a way for those in the UFA Community to continue full circle, at one point there was a woman who volunteered one of our practice sessions and from that session she decided to compete.

We love our Volunteers and they become part of the UFA in ways that are not different from our athletes. They have witnessed and feel the highs and lows of the athletes competing and love giving their time to do so.

Volunteer roles are diverse and plentiful from manning the ticket gates, directing the spectators off the areas of competition, passing out fluids to the athletes, setting up the award tables, staying next to the “OD” Operations Director of the event as they always need about 8 hands and feet.

The UFA Volunteers many times become Ambassadors for us and take full advantage of being able to compete at half off all entry fees.

Often we have found that Volunteering is the first step on a journey toward participation in our new sport for themselves. Remember to the casual observer a Fitathlon or Strengathlon is a daunting challenge, Hell even the Fantastic Fitness Five is Huge to someone that may just work out here and there.

So if you would like to have the UFA experience as one of our Volunteers we would love to have you join us.




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